Our current Executive Board:

    Co-ordinator: Kadir Yilmaz

    Dance Director: Ebru Toprak

    Music Directors: Bulent Goktas, Erdem Denizkusu

    Finance Director: Bora Inceoglu

    Public Relations: Elvan Ellie Amasya, Burcu Arigsoy



    1. Name of the Group

    The name of the group is "Anatolian Folk Dancers of Toronto"

    2. Purpose of the group

    The purpose of the group is to teach and promote Turkish Folk Dance and Folk Music performance arts to a broad audience in North America, primarily to Toronto and its environs.

    3. Executive Board

    Executive Board consists of following members:

    1. President
    2. Public Relations Director
    3. Music Director
    4. Dance Director
    5. Financial Director

    4. Elections of executive board

    Executive board elections are held by the request of the executive board or 2/3 or of the active members. All active members can nominate or be nominated by an another active member.

    5. Executive Board responsibilities

    5.1. President
    5.1.1. Chairs the executive board meetings, which is held at the 2nd Sunday of even months in a Calendar year.
    5.1.2. Along with the financial director, President is to co-signer of the financial accounts for the organisation.
    5.1.3. Acts as any of the directors on their absences.
    5.1.4. Negotiates for all shows offered to or by Anatolian Folk Dancers.

    5.2. Dance Director
    5.2.1. Responsible for designing the choreography and staging for all dance shows.
    5.2.2. Responsible running the weekly dance practices.
    5.2.3. Responsible for dance costumes and accessories.

    5.3. Music Director
    5.3.1. Responsible for designing staging of all folk music shows.
    5.3.2. Responsible running the weekly music practices.
    5.3.3. Responsible for music equipment inventory, sound systems and their maintenances.

    5.4. Public Relations Director
    5.4.1. Responsible for research and follow-ups for folk dance and folk music festivals in North America.
    5.4.2. Responsible for communications, follow-ups and maintain relationships with other folk dance and folk music organisations within Toronto and its environs.
    5.4.3. Maintains the membership for both dance and music group
    5.5. Financial Director
    5.5.1. Responsible for maintaining financial books for the organisation.
    5.5.2. Along with the President, financial director is to co-signer of the financial accounts for the organisation.
    5.5.3. Maintains the budget for the organisation.

    6. Membership

    6.1. Individuals who participate 2/3 of the weekly dance and music practices in a previous season and perform with the group are considered as active members.
    6.2. Only active members can elect or get elected to executive board upon completion of their first year as an active member.

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